Tax Credit for Ontario Seniors


Are you an Ontario senior and want to earn $1,500 back on your tax return? The province is offering a $1,500 Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit for seniors 65 years or older in Ontario. Visit the link below to see if you qualify. Family members, if you are living with a senior don’t worry you can also qualify for the tax credit as per the stipulations on the website.

You can claim up to $10,000 worth of renovation expenses each year with the potential to earn $1,500 back on your tax return. Not all workA�renovations will be covered under this grant, but guess what is; ramps! To find a list of all eligible renovation expenses visit the link below. We want to turn yourA�accessiblyA�problem into a solution.A�Contact your nearest accessibility experts at Motion Specialties stores (�for more information on QRamp!