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Dealer Spotlight: Keene Medical Products

a�?We improve lives every day and help customers age at home with independence,a�? says Jenna Rogers, Advertising & Marketing Rep for Enfield, NH Headquarters. a�?Helping prevent moves into a medical facility or nursing home [to keep clients comfortable and happy is important.] It is a greatly rewarding industry.a�?

Keene Medical Products is a well-known name across the states of Vermont & New Hampshire. People like to feel at home and connected when making decisions that affect their quality of life and ease of living; at Keene this is possible. It is about providing products that allow customers to maintain independence and safety, while maintaining dignity.

Customer and employee loyalty are a primary motivation for Keene where forming long-standing business and professional relationships is the norm.

a�?Over 30 percent of the staff have been here over ten years. Being family owned and operated is important to people around here and makes us stand out,a�? shares Gary Robbins, Purchasing Manager at Enfield Headquarters.

Keenea��s initial focus was their full line of respiratory services, but that has now expanded to include home medical equipment, ramps, CPAP and Bi-Level therapy, ventilators, enteral feeding, compression therapy and in-store and home visits with registered therapists.

The always changing and expanding industry keeps things exciting for those immersed in it on a daily basis.

a�?The industry is full of change, which means you constantly have to change how you conduct your business to keep pace. There is always something new to learn and it keeps it exciting,a�? says Robbins. a�?Ia��ve been here 27 years and one day is always different from the next.a�?

Staying abreast of industry changing products is how Keene formed their partnership with QRampa�? in January of 2014. Robbins was attending the 2013 Medtrade conference and found QRampa�?.

a�?I dona��t know how many companies were there that day, I imagine at least five or six, but QRampa�? stood out. I know it is the only ramp I would want to put on my home,a�? says Robbins. a�?Ramps arena��t our specialty, but we saw this as an opportunity to help our client base. It is just an awesome product from engineering to aesthetics to installation.a�?

This winter Keene completed their first QRampa�? installation in sub-zero temperatures for a gentleman in his 20s who had recently suffered a diving accident that resulted in paraplegia. The client had a new home that he had only been able to enter once because of lack of access. According to Robbins, prior to being introduced to QRampa�? through Keene, the client had been told by contractors it was going to be a lengthy process to have a ramp designed, built and installed.

As Robbins said, a�?QRampa�? was the only immediate, safe option. TheA�customer was extremely happy and absolutely grateful. He loved the [Ergo] colour!a�?


Keene Install complete view

QRampa�? not only has a one-of-a-kind neutral Ergo colour, but a 360A� non-slip surface and 4.5a�? safety curbs, which provide superior safety compared to wood. With no maintenance required it makes it the fastest, safest, yet most aesthetically pleasing ramp product on the market today. QRampa�? is happy to partner with a company that wants only the best products for their clientele.


Winter QRamp Install by Keene Medical Products


Keene has come a long way since its humble beginnings. The company originated in the garage of Edgar Filiault, the current ownersa�� father, as an oxygen tank delivery business. The garage did not suffice for long and Filiault opened the first store location in Keene, New Hampshire in the late 1970s. By 1982 the Keene name had expanded to include five store locations to meet the rising demands for home oxygen and respiratory services. Today the Filiaultsa�� are the proud owners of 12 Keene locations spread across the Vermont and New Hampshire states.

Keene Medical Products has built a solid foundation and will continue to make a difference for many years to come.