Safety_Non-SlipNon-Slip Surface

QRamp™ provides a durable, ADA compliant, 360° non-slip surface that has a large bariatric load capacity. The decking that  is built into the frame is ThruFlow™ panels and has a 12 year warranty.

Safety_GlowGlow in the Dark Guides

To assist you in the dark, QRamp™ has incorporated glow in the dark guides that are lined on the interior side beams. These photo-luminescent strips last up to 6 hours and help you safely enter or exit your home, school or business.

Safety_CurbsAbove Average Curb Height

Featuring an exclusive above average curb height that you will not find anywhere else on the market. QRamp™ ensures that your mobility device will not reach over the edge with the 4.5″ curbs.