Support for People With Disabilities On the Rise

Looking at the news in recent months has been a refreshing experience as more support systems are put in place to help those with disabilities. Whether it be financial supports, jobs or positive feedback from the general public, there have been many uplifting stories in the press as of late. Let’s take a look at a few of those.

Soon Indiana will lead the way in creating jobs and educational opportunities for those with disabilities who frequently struggle to break into the workforce. Construction is set to begin on a Courtyard by Marriott who has designated 20 percent of its jobs for those with disabilities. Find out more about this inspirational story here:

Kevin Grow, 18, is being tapped to play with the famed Harlem Globetrotters after he just finished a stint with the Philadelphia 76ers. The teen with Down syndrome gained national coverage after a video of him scoring four 3-pointers with his Bensalem, PA high school team went viral. Find out what’s in store next here:

Federal housing officials are allocating $120 million to aid with disability housing assistance across the country. State housing agencies can apply for a share of the funding that is meant to help reduce homelessness and unnecessary institutionalization of those with disabilities. Read on for the whole scoop:

In Detroit one boy recently celebrated a birthday beyond his wildest dreams. 11-year-old Colin had told his mom he didn’t want to celebrate his birthday this year because he didn’t have any friends. A sensory processing disorder similar to autism makes it difficult for him to socialize. Thankfully for Colin, his mom didn’t listen. For the heartwarming conclusion follow this link: