I was injured in a head-on motorcycle accident several months ago and I have been recently released from hospital. I am in a wheelchair likely for the next year. I got two days notice from hospital before being discharged and I wondered how I would be able to get into my house. Motion Specialties in Chatham had a QRamp installed in front of my house; my boyfriend commented how quickly it was installed saying they were only here about an hour and a half. The ramp not only blends in very nicely with our house but provides the access to my home that I need. We have gotten compliments from friends, neighbours and relatives about how neat and attractive the ramp is. The light strips are really helpful. The fact that the ramp is non-slip is very important, I would rate that the most important benefit of the ramp. My PSW has said that even when there is dew, it is not slippery at all. As I go down the ramp (in my chair) the weight she has to pull increases and she could wipe out and I would be hurt if it wasn’t for the non-slip surface. The handrails are the perfect height for me to hold on to for helping myself to move. I’m moving at the end of the month and the ramp will be easy to take down and move with us. It provides easy access for my patient transfer service they have even gotten stretcher up the ramp.

The decking laid on the grass at the end of the ramp is difficult to maintain because of the grass that grows through it.

– Julie. J