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By October 8, 2015 No Comments

Mobility growth Overwhelming : Government forced to take notice.

In recent years there has been a mobility movement brought about primarily by government agencies. Particularly when it comes to wheelchairs. The government seems to be reaching out to help people in wheelchairs both in residential and commercial applications. There have been several mandates passed that force business to make their establishments wheelchair accessible, and funding for residential accessibility products has skyrocketed in the past decade. But why? Have government agencies finally realised the extensive difficulties wheelchair patrons face daily? Perhaps they have taken notice of the dangers inaccessibility provides to those in wheelchairs. While those factors may have contributed, a more likely explanation is that it’s the numbers that truly caught their attention. Historical Data from the US census reports estimate that in the mid 90’s the number of wheelchair users in the United states was at 1.6 million which only accounted for 0.6% of the population. In 2002 however that number rose substantially to 2 million. The most recent statistical data which was collected in 2012 from the survey of Income and program Participation showed the wheelchair user population had grown to 2.2 million using a chair for everyday use. Millions more using mobility chairs and scooters for a portion of their mobility needs. Que the mobility movement. The number of wheelchair users has continued to grow at an astounding rate, so much so that over the past ten years it has been extremely difficult to pin down exactly how many people are relying on some sore of scooter or wheelchair for some or all of their mobility needs. Why the dramatic growth? Speculation points to combination of several components. An aging population, and improved medical system are the front runners when it comes to explain the wheelchair phenomenon. The third factor is government assistance the government is doing more now than ever to make sure everyone is afforded the freedom of mobility. Whatever the case the numbers are staggering and it’s no wonder the government has finally make a call to action. All those in need of wheelchairs, ramps, or other mobility products are strongly encouraged to check out one of the many government funding programs.

Check out some of these links that could help you find the funding you’re looking for today from wheelchair funding, home mobility, or general financial assistance. we have compiled a list of links to help you join the growing number individuals who are able to capitalize on Government and private grants as well as other funding opportunities.

Mobility product grants and Financial aid

  • The Ralph Braun Foundation was created for a simple purpose: to assist those with mobility needs through education, information and product acquisition. For more information please visit
  • Bobby Jones Open Assistance Grant from the American Syringomyelia & Chiari Association (ASAP) offers assistance in purchasing adaptive equipment and assistive devices. Contact: American Syringomyelia & Chiari Association, 800-272-7282.
  • Byran Riesch Paralysis Foundation offers grants up to $10,000 to individuals with spinal cord injury to assist with payment for vehicle modifications, wheelchairs and ramps. Contact: BRPF Charitable Grants, 262-547-2083,
  • Kyaa Krusade offers support for children (age 18 years and less) who have arthrogryposis or other physical disabilities. Fund provides up to $1,000 for mobility aids and other equipment. Contact: Kya Krusade Funding Assistance, 614-750-2198,
  • Travis Roy Foundation offers grants (ranging from $4,000 to $7,500) to paraplegics or quadriplegics paralyzed due to spinal cord injury. Contact: Travis Roy Foundation, 617-619- 8257.
  • Wheels with Wings can provide financial support to individuals who have suffered a spinal cord injury and are in need of services or equipment. From wheelchairs to vehicle and home modifications to rehabilitation Wheels With Wings offers grants for those in need. Please see the PDF below for further information on who is eligible for grant support and how to submit your application at

General Financial Aid