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Limited Warranty

ThruFlow Incorporated (hereinafter sometimes referred to as “Seller”) provides to the original residential or commercial wholesale or retail purchaser of a QRamp™ Modular Access System (hereinafter sometimes referred to as “Buyer”) with the following limited warranty:

Seller warrants that the product sold is in accordance with Seller’s current published specifications and/or those specifications agreed to by Seller in writing at the time of the sale, and shall be free of defects in workmanship or material under normal usage. Seller’s obligation and liability under this warranty is expressly limited to repairing or replacing or tendering a credit against the purchase of, at Sellers option, a QRamp™ Modular Access System, or a component thereof, which do not meet the specifications or are not free from defects in workmanship or material for a period of One (1) Year from the date of purchase.

“Commercial,” as used herein, shall refer to an application intended for unrestricted public access (no entry fee), restricted public access (fee based admission or membership) or any other non-residential commercial enterprise.

Under no circumstances shall Seller be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to, personal injury, property damage, damage to or loss of product, lost profits or revenue. The purchase price for QRamp™ Modular Access System constitutes a consideration in limiting Seller’s liability and Buyer’s remedy.


The quality of the QRamp™ Modular Access System shall be in accordance with Seller’s specifications. A final determination of the suitability of product for the use as contemplated by Buyer is the sole responsibility of Buyer, and Seller shall have no responsibility in connection with such determination of suitability.

This limited warranty shall not apply to any product subject to misuse due to common negligence or accident, nor to any product made by Seller not used in accordance with the printed instructions or specifications of Seller, or that have been used beyond the represented and rated capacity of the QRamp™ Modular Access System. Seller does not warrant against and is not responsible for any condition attributable to the improper installation of the QRamp™ Modular Access System and/or failure of Buyer to abide by installation guidelines for QRamp™ Modular Access System, including but not limited to, the use of the QRamp™ Modular Access System beyond normal commercial use or in an application not recommended by QRamp™ Modular Access System guidelines and/or local codes, movement, collapse or settling of the ground or supporting structure on which QRamp™ Modular Access System is installed, improper handling, storage, abuse or neglect of the QRamp™ Modular Access System by Buyer or third parties.

This limited warranty is applicable only to those parties heretofore mentioned, and is not assignable, transferable, nor will it inure to the benefit of anyone other than the original residential or commercial, retail or wholesale purchaser. This limited warranty does not cover removal or reinstallation. Manufacturer reserves the right to require Purchaser to pay for all shipping charges (Government purchases exempt).

This warranty gives Buyer specific legal rights, and Buyer may also have other rights that vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. The limitations or exclusions set forth in this limited warranty may not apply to all Buyers, as some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages.

Warranty Process

QRamp is fully insured for any freight damages however there is are stipulations that must be followed in order to make claim. They are as follows:

1. Two photos of shipment must be taken upon receipt of shipment if damage is suspected

a. One photo of the entire shipment
b. One photo of the close up of the damage area of the shipment

2. This statement must be made on the carriers copy of the Bill of Lading and packing slip before the drivers leaves the loading dock
3. Call QRamp immediately to notify us that you recorded possible shipping damage on your shipment paperwork

These are the prerequisites of making a freight claim with the carrier. Without shipment photos and subsequent notation on the shipment documents, QRamp cannot file for a freight claim and therefore cannot be responsible for shipment damage in transit.

Claims by the buyer, for damages that are made three or more days post receiving shipment, cannot be warrantied.

For warranty details please consult the QRamp Limited Warranty. Product deemed defective upon receipt of your order is covered under warranty. To make a claim submit the following for review:

1. Copy of original invoice on which subject product or parts were purchased
2. Photo of shipment, taken on date of receiving (for shipping damage only)
3. Three photos

a. One of the entire access ramp
b. One of the whole module on which the defective part or area has occurred
c. Close up of the damage or defective area

4. Description of damage or defective area or part.

Please forward the above documents and any other relevant information via email to

Subject line – Product Warranty

Product that qualifies as defective will be given a case or RMA#. This number is given to the buyer as confirmation that QRamp has deemed the parts as under warranty. Replacement product(s) or part(s) will be shipped in a timely fashion, with a packing slip documenting the RMA# and buyer will be notified of all shipping details.

NOTE: QRamp may request that defective or damaged parts be returned at the buyers’ expense.