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Capability Statement

We manufacture a fully modular premium access system, made of extruded aluminum with a powder coated finish. We are a full service business to business ramp manufacturer, with a Dealer network able to assess and install throughout out Canada and the United States. Our dealer network includes but is not limited to British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Maine, Indiana, Virginia, and Washington.

Core Competencies

QRamp, finally a good looking, maintenance-free, ramp system designed to be quick, easy and exceptionally safe.

  • QRamp: ADA compliant running surface and suitable for residential and light commercial applications.
  • QRamp Frames: Constructed using industrial grade, extruded aluminum with a powder coat finish.
  • QRamp Surface: Uses a premium marine decking panel known as ThruFlow™. The panels are comprised of an reinforced polypropylene.
  • Ramp Systems: Completely modular & stay attached to the ramp user not the building


  • Safety features above and beyond ADA compliance standards including 3 inch curbs, photo luminescent post caps, and 360 degree non slip decking, 0.78 Coefficient of Friction
  • The ThruFlow™ panels are grated to allow snow and water to pass through creating a maintenance free ramp system
  • Decking comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • QRamp has superior quality and aesthetics


332323 Ornamental & Architectural Metal Work Manufacturing
339113 Surgical Appliance & Supplies Manufacturing
6530 Hospital Furniture, Equipment, Utensils & Supplies
5450 Miscellaneous Prefabricated Structures
6515 Medical & Surgical Instruments, Equipment, And Supplies
5419 Collective Modular Support System


General Manager
Toll Free: 855-697-7267

Frequently Asked Questions

What is QRamp?

QRamp is a modular access ramp system that is designed for quick and easy assembly that looks attractive on any home.

What do you mean by “Maintenance-Free”?

Maintenance-Free refers to not having to sand, paint, or stain the ramp or the ThruFlow panels. Though they will not succumb to rot, mildew, or mold, these factors may appear and can be easily removed through regular cleaning or light pressure washing. The pass-through design of the panels on the running surface will mitigate the build up and exposure to many foreign substances, but things like dirt, sand, ice, snow, spider webs, bird droppings, and other substances should be cleared away as part of a regular cleaning routine.

As a part of a regular cleaning routine, any parts that are connected with a bolt and/or a screw should be checked to ensure a tight and secure connection.

Where can I get a quote on a QRamp solution for me?

We have QRamp Dealers located across North America. Contact Us to find one near you.

What would make me choose QRamp for my access ramp?

  • Looks QRamp is designed to match perfectly with home design. Given the choice, we believe that people want an attractive solution that looks aesthetically pleasing as part of your home.
  • Available Now Chances are that if you need access, you need it now! Access is a need that simply exists, and can rarely be anticipated. QRamp is a modular ramp system that is designed to be easily installed, maintenance free, and provide the superior quality. No obligation quotes are available within 24 hours  and delivery across Canada and the USA, usually within days.
  • Safety The 360 non-slip surface remains safe when wet or dry, cold or hot, unmatched by competitors.

QRamp system provides what you need, when you need it; click here to download a brochure and view all the benefits.

How long will it take to put it together?

That depends on the size of the system. Pros can put a QRamp together in about 1-2 hours. If this is your first QRamp installation, you probably want to give yourself 3-4 hours, that should be plenty and you won’t be rushed.

What are the benefits of QRamp over a wood or standard aluminum ramp?

QRamp is a modular accessibility ramp system that is available in customizable configurations that are simple to install, easy to clean, and covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Our powder-coated aluminum ramp systems are eye-catching and a compliment to your home, whereas most aluminum ramps can be unsightly.

Wood ramps are often permanent and require substantial maintenance like sanding, painting, staining, and can be prone to rotting and other unpleasant, unexpected, and costly challenges. The permanent nature of a wood ramp can sometimes be detrimental to the resale value of your home, whereas a QRamp modular accessibility ramp can be easily moved.

How is QRamp packaged and shipped?

Each module is packed in a labelled and marked box containing all required components and fasteners to assemble that module. We want to make the assembly process as smooth as possible, so we take our time with the little things ensuring all parts are included with an assembly instruction sheet included in each box. Each module is even partially pre-assembled for you – so no trying to figure out if you’ve got the right screws – we’ve put them all in place!

When it is ready to leave and make its way to you, your ramp is shipped in stacked box modules on a pallet to your shipping address.

Who can install my QRamp for me?

Consumers tell us how easy it was to put together! Each module is boxed individually and with all the hardware required. We even partially pre-assemble it for you to make it as easy as possible!

All you need to assemble a QRamp is:

  • 3 sizes of allen keys – 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
  • an adjustable wrench
  • tape measure

Feel free to take a look at the assembly instructions for more details!

If you are unable to install one, certainly contact a local dealer near you or QRamp directly at 855-697-7267 and we will help you find someone to install it for you.

I’m moving. Can the ramp move with me?

Absolutely! QRamp’s modular ramp design allows it to move with you. As the design at the new home might differ, please contact the dealer who installed it for you so they can assess your new home to ensure the ramp is safe and can supply any additional support.

Will the ramp damage my property if or when it is removed?

Our modular ramp is an excellent semi-permanent solution that does not require you to make any permanent adjustments to your home. We have designed each leg to be fully adjustable so it can handle any terrain below and requires no permanent footings. Designed to be independent on each side, perpendicular to the ground, and allow for adjustment without additional foundation systems.

Where is QRamp located?

QRamp office is based out of Wallaceburg, Canada but we have a dealer network that reaches far across Canada as well as the United States. We will be happy to refer you to the dealer nearest you!

How much will the ramp cost?

We are happy to connect you with an authorized dealer in your area who will be able to provide you an accurate price. We also offer our Ramp Builder Program where you can design your ramp online!

I don’t need the ramp anymore. What can I do with it?

QRamp does not buy back our ramps. You might be able to speak to the dealer you originally purchased the ramp from to see if they have any programs. You also have the option to resell the ramp within your community or researching local charities who may accept it to help others.

Is a ramp’s warranty transferred if it is sold or donated?

QRamp’s Limited Lifetime Warranty is only applicable to the original residential or commercial, retail, or wholesale purchaser. It cannot be assigned or transferred, nor does it cover removal or reinstallation. Please visit the Warranty section of our website for full details.

Does my ramp really need to be that long?

We want to ensure that your ramp is as safe as possible. The ADA recommends a 1:12 slope. This means for every one inch of rise, there must be 12 inches of ramp. For example, if from the ground to the top of the deck is 21″, you will need 21 feet of sloping sections. Our Module 1 is 48″ long (4ft) so you are able to rise or drop a total of 4″ using one piece. Both ourselves and your local authorized dealer will be able to provide you information on how to keep you safe!

Will QRamp ship to my location?

QRamp is located in Wallaceburg, ON but we will ship to anywhere you are! We want to bring accessibility to all so we will ship no matter where you are located!

What is the best way to clean the running surface panels?

Simple Green or another environmentally friendly solution, a scrub brush and a garden hose. Do not use any corrosive solutions or power washer as it will compromise the outer surface of the part.