Capability Statement

We manufacture a fully modular premium wheel chair ramp system, made of extruded aluminum with a powder coated finish. We are a full service business to business Wheel chair Ramp Manufacturer, with a Dealer network able to asses and install throughout out the North Eastern, North West, and Mid Atlantic United States. Our dealer network includes but is not limited to Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Maine, Indiana, Virginia, and Washington.

Core Competencies

QRamp, finally a good looking, maintenance-free, ramp system designed to be quick, easy and exceptionally safe.

  • The QRamp: ADA compliant / suitable for residential and light commercial applications
  • QRamp frames: Constructed using industrial grade, extruded aluminum with a powder coat finish.
  • QRamp: Uses a premium marine decking panel known as ThruFlow TM, the panels are comprised of an environmentally friendly polypropylene fiberglass composite
  • Ramp Systems: Completely modular & stay attached to the ramp user not the building

Past Performances

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

# of Contracts: 7 Total Contracting Actions
Top Office: Department of VA
Details on VA Contracting History

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CAGE CODE: L06N9 | DUNS #: 249852542

Government Business POC: Andrew Lowery
Phone: 519.627.7428 x115 | Fax: 888.595.4762
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: 700 Gillard St Wallaceburg, ON, N8A 4L3 , Canada
Socioeconomic Factors: Small Business
Work Area: Nationwide


  • Safety features above and beyond ADA compliance standards including 4.5 inch curbs, photo luminescent light strip, and 360 degree non slip decking, 0.78 Coefficient of Friction
  • The ThruFlow TM panels are grated to allow snow and water to pass through creating a maintenance free ramp system
  • Decking comes with an extended 12 year warranty
  • QRamp has superior quality and aesthetics and is classified as a premium product


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Andrew Lowery – Gov. Business POC
Tel: 519.627.7428 X 115
E-mail: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is QRamp?

QRamp is simply an access ramp system that is designed for quick, easy assembly that actually looks nice on your home.

Where can I get a quote on a QRamp solution for me?

We have QRamp Dealers located across North America. Contact Us to find one near you.

What would make me choose QRamp for my access ramp?

Well a few things:

  • Looks QRamp is designed to match perfectly with home design, our competition.not so much. Given the choice we believe that more people want an attractive solution instead of a raw aluminum, clanking, metallic looking contraption on their front lawn. Just our opinion though.
  • Available Now Chances are that if you need access, you need it now. Access is a need that simply exists, and can only rarely be anticipated. QRamp is designed to have its core components available near you, right now, today. Try that with our competition.
  • Safety 360 non-slip surface, safe wet or dry, cold or hot, unmatched by competitors. Photo luminescent guides indicate where the ramp leads.
  • there is more, we believe that the QRamp system is what you need when you need it but click here to download a brochure and view all the benefits.

How long will it take to put it together?

That depends on the size of the system. Pros can put a QRamp together in about 1-2 hours. If this is your first QRamp installation, you probably want to give yourself 3-4 hours, that should be plenty and you won’t be rushed.

Why wouldn’t I just get a contractor to make me a ramp out of wood?

Well, having a wood ramp built is quite the process. First you need to find a reputable contractor(s), solicit pricing including quoting and “getting back to you”, award the job, seek permits and approvals from your local government, endure the building process for days or weeks and finally enjoy access to your home. Also, don’t forget about maintenance to that wood ramp; sanding, painting, sealing, staining. Keeping a wood ramp looking nice and structurally safe is an ongoing, perpetual job. Than, what about when you or your family wish to move or sell your home, perhaps five or even ten years down the road. How is that wooden ramp going to look then? Will it be an asset in selling your home in a timely manner? Will it add to your property value?

The QRamp modules enable you to configure a wheelchair or scooter ramp specific to your property right now, today. With QRamp there is even the possibility you might be able to have it installed today!

QRamp is totally maintenance free.

QRamp is easily removed and reinstalled elsewhere. When you wish to move you can take the ramp down to sell your home and move the ramp, and reconfigure for your new residence, or simply offer it for sale! In an hour or two it would be like there had never been a ramp there.

Why wouldn’t I just order an existing aluminum ramp?

You can order a gleaming metallic, garish looking, ramp and then expect to pay serious dollars for installation. How long is delivery? What if it is not configured perfectly? Don’t settle for uncertainty when what you really need is a safe, secure, access solution, now.